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Oro Marketplace is the first touchpoint for merchants looking to extend the functionality of their Oro applications. As a developer, you can leverage the Marketplace by publishing extensions and be found by merchants, promote your services and make money, as a result!

Benefits of Building
Oro Extensions

Develop connectors and integrations for cutting-edge open-source business application highly sought-after by companies operating in a booming B2B market.

Market and promote your extensions at Oro website getting instant attention from new audiences, showing off your skills and expertise.

Become a part of Oro’s evolving ecosystem and join its vibrant community.

The Steps

Steps described below are absolutely required to take before sending your Oro products' connector or extension for review.

  • Create the package and upload it to a repository (e.g. GitHub);
  • Log into the Oro Marketplace first to submit your extension;
  • Fill out detailed information on your extension at Oro’s website (pricing info, product description, release notes and support details if any, landing page URL for the paid product, etc.);
  • Read and accept Oro Marketplace agreement.
  • Market the extension at your company’s website, referencing Oro’s product using a valid backlink;
  • Submit product’s code for technical review and/or provide a product demo.
Extension steps

Extensions Review Process

Every extension passes business and technical review to
ensure its quality and value.


You submit your extension to Oro Marketplace via your Marketplace account.


Oro team performs technical, quality and usability, and business value checks (until then the extension is pending review and unavailable to the end users).


Once approved, you receive an email notification and the extension is published on the Marketplace immediately available for download or purchase.

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