OroCRM Google Hangouts integration

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OroCRM Google Hangouts integration
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Short Overview

Use Google Hangouts integration to call your customers from within OroCRM.

Hangouts is a free voice and video call application from Google that provides free voice calls to phone numbers in USA and Canada and free video calls for up to 10 participants. OroCRM Hangouts integration enables Hangouts voice or video calls from within OroCRM, providing advantage for sales and support teams, as they will be able to connect with customers directly.

You can make voice calls to one phone number, or launch a video conference with up to 5 participants. Call data will be logged automatically, including any notes you have made during the call. Please refer to the user guide for more details.

System requirements

This module requires Oro Platform 1.9.0 or later. Also, you need an active Google account, and a Google Hangout or Google Talk extension installed if you’re using browser other than Chrome.

This extension allows you to call customers directly from the CRM via Google Hangouts. Both phone numbers and email addresses can be used for calls, subject to system configuration. To use Hangouts, you must have an active Google account. To start a Hangout, hover the mouse over an email address or phone number at the contact or customer view. A Hangout button will appear next to the field, along with the button for Send Email or Log Call actions. Click it and a Hangout invitation will appear; click Start a Hangout button to actually start a Hangout call. If you have logged in to your Google account in the browser, the Hangout will start automatically; otherwise you will be prompted to log in to Google first. If you are using the application for the first time, you will get the permission request (a standard Google Apps practice). If you are calling the phone number, the call will start immediately. If you are "calling" over email address, the Hangout will start only if your recipient is online in a Hangouts app; otherwise, an invitation will be sent to their email. Calling emails and US or Canadian phone numbers via Google Hangouts is free; calls to other phone numbers will bear a charge that you must be able to pay with your Google Wallet balance. If your balance is insufficient, a call will not start. When the Hangouts call starts, a Log call dialog opens in OroCRM, allowing you to make notes during the call. After the call is finished, its date & time, number (or email) called, and the call duration will be updated automatically
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